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Baby & children's wear handmade in Devon.

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Ted & Co. Clothing aims to deliver 3 essential elements:


We offer handmade clothing designed with children in mind. We ensure the fabrics we use are always super soft, stretchy, Oeko-Tex Certified and high cotton content. This lets us know for certain that when your children wear our clothing they will be comfy and relaxed.


Ted & Co. is run from our home in Devon. Each item is cut by me (Jess) as the order comes in, and then I sew it up using an overlocker to give a high quality, robust and durable finish while maintaining the stretch. 


All of our prints have been chosen (often with the input of our own children!) with the aim of being bold, playful, and for kids to enjoy wearing them. We want to be sure they inspire fun, happiness and excitement!

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